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  • I made a FidoNet point package based on FEddy. FEddy was slightly changed to make it possible using czech encoding (internal encoding was changed to iso-8859-2 and external to CP895) and  hence is this package useful only for czech/slovak users. This package  is provided as packages for Redhat5.x systems:
  • It is necessary to setup properly configuration files /home/fido/.feddirc and /home/fido/.ifcicorc and script /usr/local/bin/point! For more details look into file FidoPoint.README in Redhat docs directory.  (Last update on 8 Mar 1999 - package contains now FEddy-1.4.02 and ifmail-2.14 was replaced by
  • Another Fido point packet based on Feddy-1.4.02 and was prepared by Peter Marbaise(,2:2452/110.20). You can cat it alternatively at package has nice setup script for configuration of your personal mailbox.
  • Ifmail-2.x - set of FidoNet compatible transport and gateway programs, running on multiple U*IX platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, SCO, SVR4, SunOS and others). In cooperation with typical U*IX e-mail and netnews packages, it allows to make a FidoNet node (or point) on a machine running U*IX. 
  • - stands for "Internet - Fidonet Copy In / Copy Out", which is a FidoNet(r) compatible transport agent. Currently it supports FTS-0001, YooHoo/2U2 and EMSI handshake protocols, Xmodem, Telink, Modem7, SEAlink w/overdrive and crash recovery, Bark file and update requests, WaZOO protocols: DietIFNA, plain Zmodem (aka ZedZip, EMSI flag "ZMO"), ZedZap and Hydra, WaZOO file and update requests (nodelist flag should be XA). Password protected requests are not implemented. There are plans to implement Janus protocol in the future. Code based on unofficial ifmail-3.0 (by Eugene Crosser) which improves i/o-handling over ifcico-2.x.
  • Binkd - Binkd is a TCP/IP daemon for file transfer between two Fidonet systems. It supports so-called "Binkley-Style outbound", also supported by most Fidonet software. It uses it's own protocol called Binkp.
  • BinkleyTerm XE - BinkleyTerm XE is a freely available FidoNet compatible transport agent  and dumb terminal package. !!new!!
  • Golded  - full-featured mail/news reader for Fidonet and Internet under GPL and LGPL licenses. It is highly configurable, using plain text files. It supports a wide variety of messagebase formats, including JAM, Squish, *.MSG, Hudson, Goldbase, PCBoard, WildCat! and AdeptXBBS. GoldED is available for many platforms: DOS, DOS 32-bit, OS/2, Win32 and Linux. Currently GoldED runs only as textmode, but GUI versions are also planned. (Pro èeské u¾ivatele jsem vytvoøil pøevodní tabulky mezi kódováními iso8859-2 a Kameniètí).
  • FEddy-1.4.02 -  FiDO Scanner-Tosser-Utility-Editor based on Oliver Graf's FEddi.
  • MsgEd TE -  A free multi-platform Fidonet Message Reader and Editor. Supports the popular Fido, Squish and QuickBBS (Hudson) message base formats. 
  • Project Husky -  The goal of this project is to develop a complete freeware suite of fidonet applications, running under Linux and other multitasking/multiuser systems. The suite should be comparable to now existing (and partly commercial) OS/2 systems.  To keep the configuration simple and reliable, all applications should use one set of configuration-files.  
    • Smapi - API for Squish Msgbase
    • Fidoconfig - fido config-file library 
    • Hpt (Highly Portable Toss)  - Tosser
    • Htick - file ticker
    • Protick -   -"-
    • Diskpoll - polling via LAN or disk
    • Sqpack - msgbase-Packer/Purger
    • Gff  - graphical fontend for fido software
    • MsgEd TE - textmode editor 
    • Kfe - graphical editor 
    • ...
  • CrashMail II - Tosser originaly writen for Amiga computers. Supports MSG and JAM messagebases. Can create area configuration for GoldEd. !!new!!
  • Fidogate -  Fido-Internet Gateway, Fido FTN-FTN Gateway,  Fido Mail Processor,  Fido File Processor, Fido Areafix/Filefix.
  • QEcho - Fido tosser, includes own reader QDed.
  • SqWish X02.14 - Fido Tosser for FTN node.
  • Bermuda - set of programs for processing  Fidonet  style messages. It uses an own messagebase format to store message. This  format  is  know  as 'Pandora/The  Box'  format  or  is sometimes referred to as 'QuickBBS' message base.
  • FidoTools - file echo processor for FidoNet users. It contains tosser, file posting utility and file attach utility
  • Utic - TICK processor and filefix
  • NLMaint - tool designed to assist in the maintenance, checking and distributed processing required in the production and maintenance of FidoNet format nodelists. 
  • Jamapi - source tree for JAMAPI fixed to compile on Linux.
  • IfQman - command-line BinkStyle fidonet mailer outbound manager. It can list, add, remove file requests, file attaches & mail packets. Can work with ifmail package.
  • Filefix - Filefix for ifmail and Linux written in perl
  • Areafix - Area Manager for ifgate+INN.

All above mentioned programs can be downloaded here! You can find there some rpms .   !!new!!

Miroslav Flídr
FidoNet: 2:423/33.8

Last update on 16 Aug 1999